Plight of the Paragon

Siddry is barely twelve years old when he blossoms into a Paragon and is discovered by Asendal, a ranging Paragon, searching for others of his kind. Along with Simose, Asendal’s fiery companion, and other blossoming children, they must journey through a world that is bent on their extermination.

Having been hunted to near extinction by their human brothers, Plight of the Paragon follows the remarkable journey of a small group of Paragon stuck on a hostile continent. Although strangers to one another, they are bound by what they are and must learn to depend on each other to survive.

Yet trust does not come easily to Siddry. Having been abandoned since the age of six, he has lived a pitiful life on the streets of Embluff. His survival attributed simply to the fact that he never takes risks and only looks out for himself.

Now, plunged into a world filled with magic and peril, will Siddry be able to resist his ingrained survival instincts? Or will his inability, and unwillingness, to control his sporadic outbursts of power lead to the doom of his newfound kin?